Random photos from my phone 2

the most tragic locker contents in the world ever.
Random phone photos.

Maths fail.
Random phone photos.

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3 comments on “Random photos from my phone 2
  1. Shellie says:

    Is that your locker? LoL some things never change :op

    Did you actually take that Asda / Tesco photo? I’m a bit suspicious of it, it looks a bit fuzzy and doctored in the last set of figures…. *strokes beard*

  2. yetanotherdave says:

    No, that’s one of my collegues locker. I ate slightly better than that at uni (just)
    I took the second photo myself this afternoon in Asda, I took it with my shitty Nokia N73 which has a crap shutter response time, which probably explains any fuzzyness, but it is absolutely real.

  3. Nerf Dermer says:

    Ahahaha! Yes indeed that locker was filled with artistic awesomeness…

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