The first podcast?

Is not here, I just tried recording it, and there were, issues. It didn’t go well, there were technical issues due to a crap microphone but worse was a lack of anyone to talk to. Talking to thin air is hard. It doesn’t respond, it doesn’t listen, it doesn’t chime in. Coupled with the fact that I’m doing this at 2am isn’t helping, because anyone who overhears thinks I’m a madman. I can’t raise my voice or be expressive because I don’t want to wake anyone. I’ve pretty much decided I can’t do this in the day while my boy is here, as he’s 3 and thinks “shhh” means “get out loud toy vacumn cleaner”.

I reckon I’ll get odd looks if I record in the car (only logical choice remaining), but at least I can park somewhere quiet and out of the way. It’ll be fun, speed podcasting, can I record before the battery on the laptop dies? Place bets now!

Today I had a shocking vision of the future. Take Big Brother, cross it with The Apprentice and fill it with politicians, and there you have the electoral campaign of the future. It’s not that far removed from the primaries going on in the States at the moment though, as far as I can gather.

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