That's obsolete

I was in a good mood today. Despite various stuff(tm). I decided yesterday that I was going to make an effort to talk properly to random people that I’d normally ignore, leafleters, shop assistants, police officers, that sort of thing.

Yesterday I picked up a HD-DVD add on for my xbox. I know full well the format was discontinued last year.  I also know that it cost £5 and that plenty of second hand shops sell cheap discs. I guess £20 will get me a player and a nice stack of films. So I went to this little independent store that sells second hand video games and films.

This is not a classy store, the DVD’s are stacked to the ceiling5 for £10 deals. There are rows of used porn DVD’s above the cheap action fims and anime. There’s also a sizeable blu-ray section but no HD-DVD’s to be seen. So I ask the assistant and the the “nerd treatement”

(nerd voice, Keith and the Girl fans will know what I mean) *snort* “Why would you want that,” *snort* “you might as well ask if we stock VHS”

“Well places still sell them cheap and I bought a drive for a fiver yesterday, so why not, I got a couple of discs off ebay and thought I’d check out here”

“Well that’s the only place you’ll get them, no proper shops sell them anymore. You know they wont make any more right, you’ve bought into an obsolete system”

Screw me for trying to give you money. Fucking christ fuck me for trying to buy a shitty discontinued product from a shitty little second hand store that sells FUCKING MEGADRIVE GAMES like they weren’t end of lined 15 years ago. I guess HD-DVD isn’t retro yet so it isn’t cool enough, which by the way, is stocked in every gamestation in the country still.

I tried, and I’ll carry on trying with people. I know it’s often my fault for just ignoring people. At least it gives me ranting material.

Anyway, the shop is a shitty little second hand video game store (I don’t remember the name) on Bedminster Parade, Bedminster, Bristol, UK. Go there  if you want to be mocked and patronised.

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2 comments on “That's obsolete
  1. Scott says:

    I totally heard that shop assistant in Keith’s mock nerd voice. Plus, if a shop assistant had spoken to me like that, I would have said something back like the fact they sold Megadrive games so that it wouldn’t be completely unfeasible to think you might be able to get your hands on some HD DVD. What a wanker.

    If any consolation though – which is something I remember when someone is rude to me in a retail establishment….”…at least I don’t work in a shop!”

    • yetanotherdave says:

      I half tried to argue, and while I may be geeky, I’m not nerdy like these guys were. Fuck them. I was acutally going to buy something. I just walked out.

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