Guess the car

When driving out of work to lunch I pulled out behind a car followed by a bug quarry lorry/dump truck in a 40mph zone. The car was going so slowly that the dump truck actually overtook it. You probably wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that the car was a Nissan Micra driven by a man at least in his 80’s.
When I was taking driving lessons I was always told to get up to speed promptly. Not racing starts, but that too slow was bad just like too fast is. Too slow impedes the flow of traffic, tailbacks form, people get fustrated.
I don’t care how facist this sounds, but age really affects some people. Not all people, but some, and I honestly think that there should be a compulsory re-test when you reach say 65, retirement age. And it should be repeated regulary, say every two years. You never see someone who isn’t old driving the wrong way down a road, or at half the speed limit in good clear conditions.


So I got to KFC (half price vouchers) and get denied because I only have a debit card, not cash. There is a big sign above the till “We now take debit and credit cards”. You probably don’t need me to tell you this, KFC food is nasty. Not just cheap, but nasty. I would have been really offended had I paid full price. I’m going to rewatch SuperSize Me, then buy Fast Food nation. Then watch some documentaries about morbidly obese people. For some reason the taste of the food is never enough to quite put me off for good.
Then I went over to blockbuster to look for a game I’ve been after, an employee is fighting the shelf with the games on it. As in he actually has a piece of shelf in his hand and is hitting the remaining shelves, he’s bright red and swearing under his breath. They didn’t have the game I was after, maybe he was looking for that one too.

There is adventure everywhere you just have to look for it. I didn’t even have to speak to anyone today.

Oh and horses, horses should not be allowed on roads, just like old people. New rule, if you have to have special rules, and people have you give you special consideration around you so they don’t get a hoof through the screen, you shouldn’t be on the road. End of.

Everyone should have to do some basic motorbike training as part of their car license. It will teach you awareness and observation that car driving never will. You cannot be lazy or sloppy on a bike. You just can’t, and you learn to see everything. You then apply that to car driving and you’ll be a safe driver.

Look at me, I have an opinion on road law, like no one else does. If I ever by some freak accident became transport minister, I’d be fucking unpopular, but the roads would be safer happier places.

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5 comments on “Guess the car
  1. Matt Moran says:

    Earlier today I was pulling onto the M6 southbound at J6 & the culprit there was a (probably overloaded & under-powered) white van, trying to emerge onto the motorway at 40mph. I always try to filter onto the M-way at 60-65, as that’s what most lane 1 traffic is doing.

    • yetanotherdave says:

      That’s another big hate of mine. You have to match speed to join the motorway safely, going slowly down at 30 so you can get a good look at the traffic is stupid and puts yourself, the motorway users and everyone stuck behind you who has to also attempt to join at 30 in danger. It’s all about relative speed, not absolute speed!
      Compulsory motorway lessons for all!

  2. Nicholas Smith says:

    It’s strange, like you said it’s not all people over a certain age, for example as I was walking from the shops two old ladies (like, old enough to be grandmothers) rolled past in a souped up Impreza WRX STi. Pre-hatchback and in shiny nick.

    No one goes and buys a WRX STi for doing the weekly shop. Not with a backbox the size of my face.

  3. Shellie says:

    Yes, I agree absolutely, I’ve always said that every driver should spend a day on a bike, it’ll show everyone just how much is going on that they don’t notice and I honestly believe I’m a safer driver (not necessarily better, just safer.) than a lot of road users because I passed my motorbike test before my driving test. I drive as if I’m on my bike, checking all my blind spots every time I change speed or direction, correct roundabout discipline etc. It amazes me how totally unobservant and flippant people are when driving. *sigh* look you’ve made me rant now.

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