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Office Life

I really object to the labelling things you put in the fridge mentality. It only happens in two places, student houses and offices, to somehow stop people stealing/”borrowing” your food. I don’t name my stuff, yes it gets borrowed, yes

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Banksy Exhibition

In a thinking outside the box moment I decided I would try and avoid the 2-3 hour queue for the Banksy exhibition by turning up 2.5 hours before it opened. It made sense in my head at the time. There

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In loving memory

Tricia Clegg 6th February 1957 – 16th July 2009 The last time I saw Mum I was complaining about comedians who pun. I’m sure if I hadn’t stopped myself talking she would have listened for hours. Mum always had endless

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My wife recently announced she intends to go vegan. While walking round the supermarket aisles she marvels that there’s food she’ll be allowed to eat. “congratulations, you’ve chosen a diet where you’re amazed you’re not going to starve to death.”

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