In loving memory

Tricia Clegg 6th February 1957 – 16th July 2009

The last time I saw Mum I was complaining about comedians who pun. I’m sure if I hadn’t stopped myself talking she would have listened for hours. Mum always had endless time for us. It was often punctuated by making a fresh cup of tea, but she was always interested in what we were doing, what we had to say and what we thought. She always encouraged and always believed we could achieve anything we set out to do.

All the things I did to try to rebel, grow my hair, shave my head, get a motorbike, or a piercing, she accepted with a smile and took an interest or even said she liked it. As a teenager that was maddening, but I see now that she was just happy to watch us being us. Discovering the world and doing our own things.

This didn’t stop at us by a long way, Mum always loved spending time with my two boys. For Felix the greatest treat was spending the night at Granny’s. He would always return very pleased with himself and with tales to tell. He is very confused about what is going on. We are looking into planting a tree for Mum somewhere.

Today we went to say our final good-bye’s. More people came than there were seats for in the chapel. Mum meant a lot to a lot of people. She worked with charities and had very close friends. There were many faces I hadn’t seen for 10-15 years, but I recognised most of them. I’m glad she got a fitting good bye.


Good bye Mum, we miss you.

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One comment on “In loving memory
  1. Suzy says:

    That was very moving to read, Dave. I can’t imagine how difficult it was to write.


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