Banksy Exhibition

In a thinking outside the box moment I decided I would try and avoid the 2-3 hour queue for the Banksy exhibition by turning up 2.5 hours before it opened. It made sense in my head at the time.

Ice cream van/information booth

There was a load of stuff there none of which was what Banksy is most famous for, graffiti. Which is not surprising really, as walls aren’t that transportable. What is there is definitely Banksy though. Pictures, statues, installations.

easy jet

Shopping statue

Fish finger bowl

This one is a bit creepy, the thing in the bowl is an amimatronic fish finger that swims around like a fish.

Awesome Jerusalem model

This one had to be the most impressive, I’m not sure if the model is Banksy, but it’s stunning in detail, and covered with model soldiers.

Jerusalem close up

Michael Jackson/Hansel and Gretel

Ooh, controversial!

if she became queen...

I particularly liked the cartoons, they have an almost feel to them (minus maths jokes of course).
Click any image to see it larger.
gilt frame

Badly drawn shoe

(“where did you get that hat”, “the same idiot who drew your shoes”)

Bad flower drawing

There are more photos on my flickr, in this set. The exhibition is running till August 31st. If you are near Bristol you need to go. Go early, queues get up to 5 hours (they’ve closed nearby roads just to accommodate the queue) it gets busy fast, and there’s loads (much more than I’ve got here) to see.

Bomb disposal squad

Workers of the world

home sweet home

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2 comments on “Banksy Exhibition
  1. Rachael says:

    the terroist squad model is made entirely of olive wood and banksy bought and then added his own pieces, very well done.

  2. yetanotherdave says:

    Is that the model city one?

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