Office Life

I really object to the labelling things you put in the fridge mentality. It only happens in two places, student houses and offices, to somehow stop people stealing/”borrowing” your food.
I don’t name my stuff, yes it gets borrowed, yes I’m lazy, yes I don’t’ want to be brought down to their level of petty, but also because if I don’t label it, you’ll never know if the person standing behind you owns your ill gotten gains or not, and one day I’ll be standing right there. It’ll be worth it to talk to you like you’re a child. To make you grovel “I didn’t know”.
What do you mean you didn’t know? You know when the stuff you are using isn’t yours! Why does me putting a name label on it make any difference? It’s not a dog in the street, where a lack of licence tag means there’s probably no owner, the milk I bought didn’t just wander in. Someone bought it, that someone isn’t you.


I bet if I contaminated food and put it in the fridge, somehow I’d be the one in the wrong.

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2 comments on “Office Life
  1. When I go to my next job interview and they ask if I have any questions, I will ask to see their fridge. The best place I’ve worked was organised enough to have a milk sub where those who had milk in their drinks chipped in 50p or something daft per week for four different varieties of milk. The worst places I’ve worked all required us to bring our own milk, label it, and then have it “borrowed” by other people without permission. If I open the fridge and see 8 labelled bottles of milk, I shall decline the offer… life is too short.

  2. yetanotherdave says:

    This company supplies milk free of charge, but there’s never quite enough for the day and it’s understood that it’s not to be used for cereal in the morning. This means that people still bring in their own milk (for cereal) which makes people more likely to borrow milk when they make themselves a drink and then find the supplies have run out. Especially the cobol developers.

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