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My greatest achievement

Click for a better view of this stunning victory. The flickr page I present the greatest achievement of modern man, hanging onto the individual coins, putting them aside and keeping them long enough to collect a whole set. This took

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Tilt-Shift Photography

I discovered tilt-shift photography a few month ago on one of my regular haunts, the forums. Someone had posted a video of what looked like stop motion model animation, but was of real life subjects. The video is amazing

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Stolen Motorbike

My motorbike was stolen this morning. It’s hard to know what to feel, I loved that bike, it was too small for me, old (18 years), bits kept falling off, but the engine was sound and never stopped going, it

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Straight off, I’m not a big gamer. Games fit into the small amounts of time when the kids are at school/asleep, I’m not at work, am not watching tav and have nothing else to do. But I did pick up

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Recent tech stuff

Apple stuff this week iPhones being rickrolled OMG ALL iPHONES EVER HAVE TEH VIRUS, LOL APPLE SUCKS It’s true, apple have succumbed to an exploit, one that you are only open to if you have 1) hacked your phone

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A change of pace

Not much more than a housekeeping note, I’m changing the content of this blog (not that there was a huge amount before), to be a lot more broad, it’ll contain reviews, news, opinions, tech stuff and blogs. Hope you enjoy.

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