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Apple stuff this week

iPhones being rickrolled
It’s true, apple have succumbed to an exploit, one that you are only open to if you have 1) hacked your phone to run unofficial 3rd party software, 2) installed SSH 3) not changed the password. Can we say non news? Why are the BBC reporting this? If you are jailbroken I guess you should change the password.

O2 customers, you can now unlock your iPhone to work with Orange, Vodafone, 3 or T-Mobile, or any overseas GSM mobile provider. If you’re a contract customer this is a free service, PAYG customers need to pay £15. How very nice of o2, now I can use Vodafone without being open to the rickrolling exploit above. Almost nice enough for me to not point out that they are still claiming exclusivity, and touting 3.0, not 3.2.1 as the lastest software available.

Snow Leopard, 10.6.2 is out, I can’t see anything life changing, but it’s probably a good idea to install, personally I’m holding off till my favourite Safari extension, Saft is updated to be compatible with the new Safari Build. But there’s some important security updates in there too, so you probably shouldn’t wait.

New iMacs.
Wow, just wow, these things are huge, and fast. So nice it’s almost tempting me away from my Macbook Pro. Almost. What’s that? It comes bundled with the nice new wireless keyboard and magic mouse? Curse you Steve Jobs! I can’t afford new shiny!

Not apple but still geek news

OpenOffice.Org, the office suitethat you should all be using, being a free powerful replacement for Microsoft’s office, has never been known for being pretty, going for function over form, but in a move that seems directly aimed at apple’s sleek minimalism, they have released this monstrosity
Sure, it might be functional, but at what cost? I’m sure this will appeal to some people, but you can count me out of this one.

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