I bought a Senseo recently. It’s great. Proper coffee, without most of the hassle.

When I came into work today I saw someone had one on their desk. “great idea” I thought, “but he’s quite far from the kitchen; it only has a 1 litre capacity, it’ll be a pain to keep having to refill the water reservoir.”

What the hell is wrong with me? A litre of coffee is not enough for me? Is this my epiphany moment?

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2 comments on “Addiction
  1. Dan Easton says:

    Who do you think reads this rubbish you take the time to post?

    For the record, I read the first sentence and gave up.

    • yetanotherdave says:

      I don’t expect anyone to read this, it’s more a way for me to try out writing styles and subjects, and see if something sticks, than a serious project of any sort.
      I wonder what was in that first sentence that was so irritating that you couldn’t even bring yourself to read the final two without posting a comment! Something that enraging has got to be worth looking into…

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