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Comedy Venues

My favourite Bristol comedy promoter is the Comedy Box. They put on shows at the Hen and Chicken and the Tobacco Factory. Neither of them are a dedicated comedy venue, one is a pub, the other is a general purpose

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Andrew Lawrence – Too Ugly For Television gig

Not this one. This one. A bit of a last minute gig, I bought the ticket about a week before hand, but he almost filled the Hen and Chicken, my local alternative comedy venue, which gets much bigger names than

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Inca Temples

Some people say you should write for your audience. Apparently my audience likes Inca Temples. I must be on the babillionth google page if you search for Inca Temples, so my audience must also be obsessive and a bit stalkery.

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Stewart Lee – Vegetable Stew

“Stuart ‘man of the people’ Lee is nothing but a fringe alternative comedy act who wouldn’t stand a chance at a real comedy club like Jongleurs.” Karen Laidlaw, Edfringe. com. (more reviews here) When reviewing a gig it’s always a

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