Inca Temples

Some people say you should write for your audience. Apparently my audience likes Inca Temples. I must be on the babillionth google page if you search for Inca Temples, so my audience must also be obsessive and a bit stalkery.
My search engine referrals stats can’t be lying though. Five times more people arrive at my blog searching for Inca Temples than anything else. 20 times more than searching for Stewart Lee, and I post about him much more than anything else, as this seems to be predominately a comedy blog and he is my favourite comedian.

I have never blogged about Inca Temples. I have once tagged a picture “Inca Temple” and posted it with a collection of tilt shift photography (tilt shift photography incidentally, is the second highest search term referrer, and five times more popular than Mr Lee).
The post you all seem to be after is here and the picture is here. It’s not even my picture! Just one I linked to on flickr!

National Geographic recently printed an article about Inca Temples, which I read and found interesting at the time, but can’t remember a word of. Instead, here is a collection of made up facts about Inca Temples. Some of them may be true, but only by chance.

1) Adjusting for inflation, and Inca Temple is worth the same as an Islington 3 bed semi detatched.
2) Tom Jones played his first international gig at an Inca Temple benefit.
3) Inca Temples were originally built to house the enormous collections of CCTV footage the Inca’s were collating of their people’s daily lives. Apparently the Mayans thought it would be funny to tell the Inca’s CCTV would be invented 4000 years early.
4) This prank by the Mayans lead to the collapse of the Inca civilisation, as it’s people took to twitter angrily, then revolted when they realised the internet hadn’t been invented yet either.
5) To this day, Inca Temples are still referred to as “Fail Whale’s” in certain parts of South America.
6) The design of Inca Temple’s was inspired by the scene in Rocky where he runs up the steps.
7) 0% of Inca Temple’s own a passport.
8) To the best of my knowledge Stewart Lee has never visited an Inca Temple.

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2 comments on “Inca Temples
  1. Blaadyblah says:

    You know, you’re going to get hits from people searching for Rocky and Tom Jones now…

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