Richard Herring Christ on a bike review.

Richard Herring is really on form here. There’s a confidence and a relaxed feel to him, his stage presence and delivery seems natural and in control.
He seems to be relaxed with the subject material and this is paying off. The subject of this show is possibly wider than previous shows (a show about Hitlers Moustache for example) which gives him more to work with. He’s also done this show before. This is, if you like, the second coming. It’s the 10 year anniversary of the show, which Richard first did when he was 33, and was comparing his life achievements to that of Christ’s at the same age.

The worst part of the show was that the theatre has the most uncomfortable chairs in existence. Really truly awful. The seat part is flimsy, but the back of the chair as actively trying to hurt you, angled in such a way as to ensure it will dig into your spine. It would be forgivable if this was a makeshift area, but this is a full time theatre space. The last thing a comedian needs while performing is an audience so uncomfortable they want the half to end so they can stand up. Still worth it though.

Richard has suffered a few christian protests outside the gig venues, which I think are unfair. Does he blaspheme throughout? Well, yes. But does he attack religion. Not really. Should it put you off? If you go to something, determined to get angry, then you will. If you go for a comedy night, you’ll get comedy.

The biggest cheer of the night, possibly unfairly, was not for a joke, but for Richard memorising long list. In several different ways. And reciting them. Several times. I’ll leave it for you to see on the DVD, which should be out later this year at

Also available is Andrew Collings’ Secret Dancing, which, as promised on the podcast, Richard wrote “Shit” on for me.

In the meantime, go and see him, it’s a really good show. He’s nearing the end of the tour, so there are only a few dates left. Tour dates are here.

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