The vegan situation. Day two.

Here’s the first vegan experiment update. Yesterday was the most hits my blog has ever had. More so than the Inca Temples. I’ts obvious what my audience wants. Apparently more about food and less about comedy.

I am almost constantly hungry. I’m putting this down to portion sizes. For some reason, eating a vegan diet has made my portion sizes smaller. I have made my way through almost a whole bag of apples throughout the day, but it’s not seeming to make a difference.
I’m thinking about food all the time. That’s not healthy, hopefully it’s just part of the newness of this.

I have learned a few key things. Coffee is much better black than with rice milk. Rice milk tastes much better on cereal when shaken properly. Work canteens are woefully inadequate at providing vegan options.
This was the only option available to me today. It was bland and unfilling. I did have the option of having chips instead of the potato. I’m not sure changing the shape of a food counts as an option.

I am going out tonight[1], to see Richard Herring performing Christ on a Bike at the Comedy Box/Tobacco Factory in Bristol (review later!). This presents me with my first “eating out” challenge. The Tobacco Factory is surrounded by pizza places, kebab shops and fish’n’chips shops. Eating a bag of chips feels like cheating and is just a carb fest. There is an Aldi next door and a Tesco extra up the road.
I am trying to avoid the situation altogether. I have had some piri humous on toast and a soya yoghurt. But the gig wont finish for another 5 hours.

In short, it’s not going great. I’m struggling to think of things that I can eat, variety is going to be tricky. Especially while at work and out. What I am eating isn’t filling me.

Also, as is usual for me, I have managed to set myself a large and doomed to failure project to go alongside this large lifestyle change. As usual, it involves learning an entirely new skill[2]. If I’m going to fail, I’m going to do it properly.

I don’t want to quit through just getting annoyed with it. I don’t want to quit because I’ve got bored of the options available. I need to find a few healthy vegan snacks that are actually filling. Any suggestions?

[1] Melanie, I did tell you about this, repeatedly, and most recently last night. I wont be home until late.


Yes it is.

It IS on the calendar.

Go and check if you like.


No I didn’t just add it. I booked the ticket last December!

[2] An iOS app. Hopefully more details later.

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7 comments on “The vegan situation. Day two.
  1. I remembered! Honestly, you behave like I don’t listen to you sometimes…

  2. English Mum says:

    Started to tell your missus my thoughts on twitter, but at the risk of boring her to death, I’ll tell you instead. Pulses and grains are going to be your friend, here. So think about a nice tub of hummus with loads of veggies to dip in ( you can buy great spiced ones or make your own), also grains like quinoa make really good salads – loads of veg and herbs in there for flavour. Also, don’t discount the ‘fake’ things like vegan cheese and stuff like that – also, Indian food traditionally has a lot less meat. Not sure what you do for work but maybe you could take some onion bhajis, a tomato salad with red onion and coriander and have your own takeaway! If you’re missing buttery/creaminess in sandwishes, try avocado and for a sweet fix there’s always banana and peanut butter in a soft roll! I’ll shut up now.

  3. Yonmei says:

    Oat milk is the only vegan milk I know of which tastes great in coffee. (It’s also ruddy expensive. May be better just to give in and get to like it black.)

    I disagree that there’s any health problems related to giving up meat as a child – my older nephew is a third-generation vegetarian (he’s been vegetarian since birth: so was his mother – as was I and my brother – and so has my mother been since well before she met our father). There may be issues with a totally vegan diet, but I doubt it, providing you provide a balanced & nutritious diet.

    On the other hand – I would hate to give up cheese. And while I make delicious vegan cupcakes, I’ll cop to preferring scones made with egg and butter. (And while I have ethical issues with the dairy industry, I have none with free-range organic eggs and honey.)

    This vegan chef of the lunch boxes made very elaborate lunches for her small son to take to school, but they really do contain a bunch of excellent ways to think about vegan cooking: Vegan Lunch Box

    I make my own bread, which is actually not as difficult as you’d think (yeast, oil, salt, flour = bread!) and it’s fairly easy by inclusions to make bread much more nutritious than even regular wholemeal – I use soy flour and blackstrap molasses and porridge oats, and sometimes cooked quinoa for a base, and you can make rolls and freeze them to defrost as required, then eat with a simple vegan dip – like hummus!

    • Thanks for this. I’m getting used to black coffee and have bookmarked that link!
      We recently bought a bread maker. It’s great, we always have nice bread in the house. :D

    • Oh no, we don’t have any concerns about the boys becoming vegetarian as they’ve been mostly vegetarian since birth and I, myself have been a vegetarian since the age of seven.

      I don’t want them to be vegan though as it’s something we’re still new to and getting used to right now – they have basically vegan meals with us as we eat together every day as a family but with cheese they can add themselves, yoghurt for pudding and milk to drink and with their cereal as usual. I think that’s okay for now.

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