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Big Fat Tory Wedding: Review

The Big Fat Tory Wedding programme is often labelled as prejudiced or unfair, but what it actually does is attempt to give us a peek into Tory lifestyle, customs and beliefs which are often very different to our own. There

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iPhone 4 voice control – alternatives to Siri

If like me you’ve been looking at Siri voice control enviously, but can’t justify the upgrade price from an iPhone 4, then these alternative apps might be what you are after. Neither is perfect, neither of them have the same level of integration that Siri has, and they’re not available from the home button, but they aren’t bad.

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Packed with the cream of British comedy talent.

A quote used on the DVD cover for Burke and Hare. Unfortunately, none of the talent were using it, maybe in fear of it running out. For Simon Pegg, I sadly think that time has passed (as a big Spaced

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Richard Herring Christ on a bike review.

Richard Herring is really on form here. There’s a confidence and a relaxed feel to him, his stage presence and delivery seems natural and in control. He seems to be relaxed with the subject material and this is paying off.

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If you’ve got nothing to hide you’ve got everything to fear.

Book Review: Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. If you’ve got nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear, is the saying so many politicians wheel out whenever they want to bring in some new draconian surveillance or database or police

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Andrew Lawrence – Too Ugly For Television gig

Not this one. This one. A bit of a last minute gig, I bought the ticket about a week before hand, but he almost filled the Hen and Chicken, my local alternative comedy venue, which gets much bigger names than

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Stewart Lee – Vegetable Stew

“Stuart ‘man of the people’ Lee is nothing but a fringe alternative comedy act who wouldn’t stand a chance at a real comedy club like Jongleurs.” Karen Laidlaw, Edfringe. com. (more reviews here) When reviewing a gig it’s always a

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