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The worst standup I have ever seen.

The worst stand up I’ve ever seen was the support for one of the best gigs I’ve seen recently. Pete Cain was supporting Jim Jefferies in Bristol. The contrast between the two was incredible, and it’s a testament to Jim’s

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Comedy review of 2010

This is not an exhaustive review of the year, just what I have personally seen, read or listened to. And it’s only stand-up comedians, and only things released in 2010. Side note. Why are all the “mainstream” releases on DVD

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How do you want me?

This program finished over 12 years ago, the DVD’s been out for 4 years, yes I’m late to this, yes, there will be spoilers, I rented the two series from LoveFilm after searching Amazon for Dylan Moran. It’s written by

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Stewart Lee – How I escaped my certain fate

If you’ve never seen Stewart Lee perform standup, what are you doing reading this? He is quite simply the greatest comedian working today. Come back when you’ve spent hallf the day following the link below and the subsequent links it

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No sex and no city.

There will be spoilers. If you can call giving away Sex and the City 2, “spoiling” it. Downfall was an extraordinary piece of film, a gripping acting performance portraying a man on the brink of insanity. A man who despite

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Marcus Brigstocke: God Collar

Tonight I was lucky enough (due to only finding out about the gig via a pre-gig twitter post two days ago) to be able to go and see Marcus Brigstocke perform his show “God Collar’ at the Tobacco Factory in

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Straight off, I’m not a big gamer. Games fit into the small amounts of time when the kids are at school/asleep, I’m not at work, am not watching tav and have nothing else to do. But I did pick up

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