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The vegan situation. Day two.

Here’s the first vegan experiment update. Yesterday was the most hits my blog has ever had. More so than the Inca Temples. I’ts obvious what my audience wants. Apparently more about food and less about comedy. I am almost constantly

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Experimenting with Vegans.

I’m going to do an experiment. I am going to try[1] and be Vegan. I’ve thought about this for a while, one word kept going round and round in my head. Objecting loundly and effectively. Bacon. Dammit. I have three

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My wife recently announced she intends to go vegan. While walking round the supermarket aisles she marvels that there’s food she’ll be allowed to eat. “congratulations, you’ve chosen a diet where you’re amazed you’re not going to starve to death.”

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